Art vs. Philosophy?

Do Art and Philosophy ever meet?
Does Art seek only beauty, while Philosophy seeks only ideas?
Here is one answer:

“The odd notion that an artist does not think and a scientific inquirer does nothing else is the result of converting a difference of tempo and emphasis into a difference in kind. Thinkers have their aesthetic moments when their ideas cease to be mere ideas and become the incorporated meanings of objects. Artists have their problems and think as they work. But their thoughts are more immediately embodied in the object. Because of the comparative remoteness of the end in view, the scientific writer operates with symbols, words and mathematical signs. Artists do their thinking in the very qualitative media being worked in, and the terms there lie so close to the object being produced that they merge directly into it.”

– John Dewey, Art as Experience, page 14,
(paraphrased to suit contemporary use of gender.)

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